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Alma A. Hromic (who now writes as Alma Alexander) was born in 1963 in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia, on the shores of the river Danube. Her father's employment with international aid agencies meant that the family spent twenty years living in various countries in Africa, including Zambia, Swaziland, and South Africa.

Educated in the United Kingdom and South Africa, Alma graduated from the University of Cape Town with an MSc in Microbiology in 1987. She quickly left the lab in order to write about it instead, and spent several years running a scientific journal for the Allergy Society of South Africa before moving to New Zealand in 1994. She also worked as a literary critic for several publications in South Africa and England.

Among her many books, her fantasy duology The Hidden Queen and Changer of Days was released in the United States in 2005. The Secrets of Jin-shei was published in the U.S. in 2004 and is currently available in twelve languages worldwide (including Turkish, Lituanian, and Hebrew) and is a bestseller in Spain. The follow-up, Embers of Heaven, published in the UK in September 2006, is available in five languages.

Alma's novel,  'The Secrets of Jin-shei' which features eight powerful female protagonists in a matriarchal society, and the YA series Worldweavers, with a young heroine who  dares to stand against the powerful to protect her world.

Alma's latest project is the Worldweavers young adult trilogy, which debuted with Gift of the Unmage in 2007 and was followed by Spellspam in 2008 and Cybermage in 2009. A Polish edition of the first book has already been published.

She now lives in the Pacific Northwest of the United States with her husband, R. A. "Deck" Deckert, a freelance writer and former copy editor, wire editor and news editor for metropolitan newspapers; and two cats.

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The Accidental Feminist: A Writer Writes

The Accidental Feminist: A Writer Writes

Editors note: Under her pen name Alma Alexander, Alma has published many books, some with strong female characters, some  translated into quite a few languages. Here she reflects on feminism, a topic the is controversial to this day, even when so many women around the world do not yet have the right to speak their […]

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