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Born and raised in Aurora, Illinois I spent my childhood playing street games with the neighborhood kids. When I wasn't outside, I spent much of my time reading and getting lost in adventurous worlds and whirlwind courtships. At the age of seventeen, I moved to Kentucky and eventually began to raise a family of my own.

I have always been entranced by stories of magical adventure, and though I have had to live in the practical world, running a family business as well as two of my own, I have discovered that writing is an entirely new, exciting adventure all on its own!

We have a large family and our get togethers are so much fun! And did I mention that I’m a photographer? Yes, I take tons of photos! We also have a mini dachshund, her name is “Roxy” she only weighs 10 pounds but is a huge part of our family. She's so spoiled!



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K. C. Hilton’s Publishing Journey for The Magic of Finkleton

K. C. Hilton’s Publishing Journey for The Magic of Finkleton

Meet K.C. Hilton: In the writers world I’m known as K.C. Hilton. I recently self- published a children’s middle-grade fiction book titled The Magic of Finkleton. Several awesome reviews have been coming in from many readers, Kirkus Book Reviews, and Reviews are like ‘gold’… and writers love the ‘gold’. Writing The Magic of Finkleton: I […]

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