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Ryann Dannelly is a 22-year-old writer, living in Maryland. While attending the University of Richmond, she discovered her passion for words. When she wasn't sweating her way up and down the basketball court, she could usually be found in the library. Currently, she's trying to find a home for her young adult contemporary novel about a teenager balancing freshmen year with Div. I college basketball. To keep sane during the literary agent querying process, she's working a slew of jobs, including working at a preschool, coaching a high school basketball team, training athletes, and freelance writing and blogging. Her blog can be found at Come and say hello!

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Failure First, Success Second

Failure First, Success Second

I failed at getting my first novel published and I stopped writing. I wrote a young adult science fiction novel while also playing Division I college basketball at the University of Richmond. Writing helped me cope with the various pressures and expectations in athletics and academics. Working on that story allowed me to escape when […]

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