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Zvezdana Rashkovich was born in Croatia and grew up in Sudan with her Croatian mother and Sudanese stepfather. A globe-trotter from the age of seven, Zvezdana has also lived in Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Qatar, Dubai and the United States. Zvezdana is a fluent speaker of Arabic, Croatian, Serbian and English. She has worked as a medical and legal interpreter for refugees in the United States. Zvezdana currently lives in Dubai with her architect husband and four children. She is working on a second novel based on her own life in Sudan.

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Writing about Muslim Women Characters

Writing about Muslim characters, Muslim women in particular, must be one of the trickiest subjects to write about. Especially in this specific time when everything about women in Islam seems to be dissected, probed and questioned. No matter the conflict or the aspirations of the protagonist. One thing stands out immediately: she is Muslim. Hence, […]

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International Writers: Zvezdana Rashkovich – Dubai Wives

International Writers: Zvezdana Rashkovich – Dubai Wives

International writer and author, Zvezdana Rashkovich, writes about her multinational and traveling upbringing, and her residence in the United Arab Emirates, as the backdrop for her novel, Dubai Wives. I grew up in an eclectic mix of cultures. My mother is Croatian, my father Serbian and my stepfather, a Muslim Sudanese. Being  multicultural is what […]

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