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We asked UK author Nicola Morgan if she could tell us what a day in her life looked like…The result is captivating!

Deadlines waving scary octopus arms and me crazy laughing in their faces
Taking far too long to say no because yes feels right and rude is wrong
Events to cost, agree, prepare, travel to or from, deliver, self-criticise
Scrawny foxes unseeing me, slinking, playing, sniffering the air
Books to read but not yet read, books half read, or skimmed
Chocolate, deadlines, chocolate, running out of chocolate
No time no time no time to do half of what I want to do
Telling people what to do but rarely doing it myself
Trees, cocoon-twigging my office, softening the air
Digging – for exercise and for victory over weeds
Robins watching me, glint-eyed, wanting worms
Blog posts to write, horribly easier than books
Tea-towels for writers, tea-towels for parents
Heartsingingly easier than books and blogs
Requests to accept and requests to refuse
But which are which, that is the question
Walking, not far enough, or often enough
Boots to wear and more boots to dream
Pointiest toes, heels, words, everythings
No yes no yes no yes never now please
Facebook, Twitter, Twitter, Facebook
Teenage brains and teenage stress
Technology to battle, wrestle, hate
To be addicted to, drawn to, need
Trying to find or cultivate a word
To sound soft exotic ferny strong
Deserty myrrhic meltemi-sweet
Sasparilla should be one but isn’t
Articles to write, articles to plan
Colours purples, aquas, greens
Spam spam spam spam spam
Making people make believe
Manuscripts to be critiqued
Words looking for opinions
Opinions looking for words
Lists to tick, lists to trick
Daily sudoku to beat
Wasted time
Used time
No time
Steamy lemonbalm baths
Husband, daughters, family, friends
Dreams of all the many things still undone
And promises that tomorrow I will do more

Copyright @Nicolamorgan 2013

Nicola Morgan

Nicola Morgan

Nicola Morgan wears many hats within her successful writing career. She is an award-winning UK writer of around 100 books and is a versatile public speaker. She travels internationally to talk about adolescent brains, behaviour and stress; literacy acquisition and the reading brain, including the effects of digital and online reading; and how to be (and stay) published.

Bookwise, she is best known for her critically acclaimed novels for teenagers, her non-fiction on the teenage brain and her industry-respected blog and books for writers trying to become published. She is proud to be the first Google result for the phrase Crabbit Old Bat and less proud of her fondness for chocolate and shoes.

Follow her on twitter @nicolamorgan, or visit her website www.nicolamorgan.com

Use the code “prom2”  to  get 10% off everything in her online shop through Sept. (Including her very popular tea-towels!)


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  1. Eileen says:

    that was so refreshing to read!! thanks so much-you sure live a full life!!

  2. WOW what an amazing poem, just scrolling up and down looking at the shape of the words is wonderful and so beautifully written too!
    It reminded me of the poem when Alice fell down the rabbit hole.
    And love the fact HOPE follows WINE! LOL

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