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Qaisra Shahraz’ Revolt Giveaway – Completed November 20, 2013.


Between November 16 and 19 2013 we invited our friends on Twitter to:


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On November 20 we announced the winners

CONGRATULATIONS to our Five Winners of Qaisra Shahraz’ book REVOLT about love and loss and mixed race and class marriages in Pakistan.

In the US, Marlene Debo left a comment.

In the UK Lyn G Farrell, @FarrellWrites RTed.

In France, Hannah Fielding, @fieldinghannah RTed.

In the UK, Daniel Swan, @danielswan38 RTed and left a comment.

In Malaysia, Angelina Bong, @swakgel RTed and left a comment.


About Revolt:


A multi-layered, multi-faceted story of love and loss, finding and losing, and mixed-race marriage, Revolt is the tale of three wealthy sisters and the problems that no amount of money can solve. There is a daughter, abandoned because of an impulsive marriage, an aunt who pines for lost love, and a bridegroom with the biggest problem of them all.

Set in England and the fictional village of Gulistan in Pakistan, with its fascinating array of quirky, eccentric and unforgettable characters, Revolt centres on the forthcoming marriage of two rich cousins and the often hilarious but always deeply moving pitfalls and perils of living in a place where everyone knows everybody else’s business. Underpinning the action is the compulsive and pervading need to resolve the conflict between Pakistani Muslim values and those of the modern West.

A brilliantly incisive portrait of small-town life, exploding into a panoramic portrayal of the nature of change, freedom, pride and prejudice,Revolt also reminds us of a darker, more threatening world. Immensely readable, dramatic and beautifully evocative, this book will enthral, as the action unfolds and the tensions play out to their startling resolution.

REVIEW by Anora McGaha, Editor of Women Writers, Women Books online magazine, USA: 

‘Qaisra Shahraz deserves to be a household name in America. Much as Pearl Buck brought to light life in China; and Richard Wright and James Baldwin brought to light the devastating world of America’s black inner cities; so Qaisra Shahraz shines light into Pakistani village life, opening the curtains to another culture.

Revolt provides readers with a fascinating ride between English and Pakistani cultures, as only someone as well rooted in both worlds can relay.

We can see through the stereotypes and beyond the walls of class, race and culture, to our common humanity. Highly emotionally intelligent and observant. Tugs on the heartstrings early on, and keeps a close rein until the end. Well written with delightful detail of the physical settings, daily life, and keenly described emotional interactions. Human and wonderful.’

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  1. This giveaway is over. Thank you so much to our friends on Twitter who gave us about 50 RTs, and to those brave ones of you who left a comment for us. We divided the give books we had between those who left comments, and those who retweeted!

  2. Marlene Debo says:

    I am very impressed with “Revolt” and the author & Anora’s review. I wish more of your books made it into the mainstream for all of us to purchase!

  3. Elaine Cormier says:

    Sounds like an interesting story

  4. Rona Simmons says:

    Love, loss, finding, losing?
    No, that’s my novel!
    A universal theme for women I suppose. Newbie to this site, sounds like a fun place to visit.

  5. Daniel Swan says:

    Love women writers’ fiction- amazing, intriguing and exciting. Really good to hear different perspectives. Nice to be able to engage with female consciousness!

  6. Annecdotist says:

    Great to see fiction featuring strong Islamic women rather than the stereotypes

  7. Charlotte says:

    I love reading stories of women whose voices are often unheard, can’t wait to read this one!!!

  8. Hailing from a Muslim country invaded by Western values, it’ll do me good to read and understand the minds and hearts of Muslim women whom are also very close to my heart. They live next to me and breathe the same air I inhale but sometimes, their secrets are beyond my grasp and they lie hiding behind closed veils. What better ways to get to know a little more about my fellow neighbours than to indulge in a book written about them? Please send me one 😉 Salaam.

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