Submission Guidelines

Women Writers, Women’s Books Submission Guidelines

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Show your colors. Share your experience. Follow our guidelines to increase your chances of getting your work accepted.

Are you a woman writer with a deep love of writing? Do you understand the value of the shared experience? Are you interested in sharing what you know with other writers, paying it forward, showing the way to make it easier for those who follow?

When you write a guest essay for Women Writers, Women Books, you are engaging in a practice that recognizes the power of women coming together through writing. You’re recognizing the powerful connection between writing and developing a sense of one’s own authority.

Share with us:

  • Your genuine thoughts and feelings
  • Actual experiences
  • Vision, insights, hopes and more

We are a volunteer-run online magazine by writers who live active lives with or without families, balancing earning a living, going to school, and doing our own writing as well.

Your attention to detail and willingness to do your part is what makes this possible. Your participation is an integral part of this magazine – we couldn’t do this without you.

To become a contributing writer, follow these simple steps.


Before you query:

1. Comment on another writer’s post. Comment on a post on the site that resonates with you. Show that you read it and understood what was being said. Please be specific about what you agree with or like.

2. Get familiar with the site. Until you are receiving queries for a site you manage or a journal or magazine, it may be hard to imagine how critical it is that writers familiarize themselves with your site. We want a faster way. We want to get our words and our essays and stories out faster, but if we don’t study each site carefully, we will be wasting our time submitting. Honor the effort of the publishers of online journals and magazines, most literary ones are a labor of love.


1.  Email your query to

A 1-3 sentence query is fine. Please attach links to your social media sites for a quick review of your writing and to increase your online, presence, and link to the post you commented on.

2. Wait a week or two. If you don’t receive a response within a week, please resend your query; sometimes we are extremely busy.

Steps for publishing your article:

1. Write your article. The article should be under 950 words including URLs to your social media sites. Include two photos (you and your latest book if you have one – 800×600 size is helpful) and email it to for review.

2. Proof your article. It is helpful for all of us that you proofread your work. Read it aloud. Does it flow smoothly. Is it logical? Does it build momentum? Also make sure that your links work as well.

3. Acceptance. If your query is accepted, email your post to for consideration. We will edit and publish it, and then we will send you a final draft for review.

4. Wait for editing. Wait for us to review, edit, ask questions, make highlights, add photos, and craft the title. We’ll add categories and tags to make your post easier to find.

5. Your post takes up to two weeks to receive a response. If you don’t hear back from us after a few weeks, feel free to inquire. You will receive an automated response letting you know that your email has been received.

6. Approve the final copy. Most of the times we’ll send you a copy of the proposed piece for final approval before publication. Otherwise we’ll publish it and let you know.


After publication:

When we publish your post, it will show up on @WomenWriters on Twitter. We also post it on our Facebook page with a different angle. In addition, we will retweet it periodically over time.

1. Retweet. Please retweet on Twitter the same day and a couple more times.

2. Invite comments. We suggest that you send a gracious, personalized note to a few chosen friends with a link to your post, inviting them to comment. The value for them is the link back to their own blogs or websites, increased visibility, and the possibility of making new connections. If you aren’t sure yet why this is important for us all, see this blog post titled Nine Reasons to be a Guest Blogger.

3. Link to us. Please post a link back to us from your blog. We really appreciate your doing this.


If you have any questions, please email