The #IAmSubject Project

We received over seventy submissions for the #iamsubject project.  

Diane DeBella-Portrait The #iamsubject project is follow-up project to Diane DeBella’s memoir, I Am Subject, and is about learning from the lives of women writers so we can change the course of our lives. Diane’s memoir was made available at $2.99 through her sponsorship period to make it more affordable to share decades of research and insight from the University of Colorado’s Diane DeBella. The project began during Diane’s two month Site Sponsorship.

Women wrote their #iamsubject stories, a story of when they claimed, or reclaimed their own lives. From the submissions we will be publishing a selection in an anthology, on Kindle.

The #iamsubject Project Participants and Stories

The stories can be found by googling #iamsubject, or visiting the following two pages.

The project was open for all women to participate in writing an essay, we will be selecting only some of the essays for the anthology, the ones that we feel most clearly illustrate what the concept of being subject of your own life means. We are grateful to each and every one of you for participating. If your work isn’t chosen in the anthology, that just means that you should keep writing and looking for additional opportunities to be published. Your work must go on!



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  1. I’d love to get involved with this; the deadline shall spur me on!

  2. Cath Barton says:

    Great idea, thank you. I’d love to join too. I have an essay which was destined for a project which never came to fruition. Time to put it on my blog! Coming now!

  3. Lynne Logan says:

    This is a fabulous project! I just printed several of the essays, and I can’t wait to read them! When I get really frustrated with not being able to sit down and write or just frustrated with the general course of my life, nothing eases my angst better than to read about the struggles of other women – whether they’re voicing issues occurring within their families or spinning a tale of woe about work, whatever the case may be – it’s always inspiring to me to see how they’ve conquered their hurdles big and small.

    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Lynne Logan
    Columbus, Ohio

  4. Susanne says:

    I’d love to join. Planning for the essay, but the red button up does not allow me to click. I’ll send a link as soon as I have it published on my blog.

  5. I’d love to reach 50! Keep the stories coming!

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