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It was cheaper than a divorce.

This past summer I came face to face with a huge dilemma: My writing space had been invaded by an alien—the dreaded non-writer husband.

As writers, we need our own space. It’s a right of passage. A given. An essential part of this crazy puzzle we call writing. You know the one—the puzzle that always seems to have a piece missing. Whether it’s a corner in a bedroom, the office den, or a special seat at Starbucks, we need a space for our creativity to come alive. One writer I know uses a vacant closet. I can’t feature a closet with nothing in it, but whatever works, right?

My DH retired this past May. I was worried about him going bonkers (he’s used to thirty fifth-graders vying for his attention). I needn’t have worried—he adjusted quite nicely. I didn’t. This man doesn’t know how to whisper to the dog, the TV, or himself. Perhaps it’s from years of teaching, but his “inside” voice is equivalent to a cheerleader with a megaphone.

He’s a smart cookie, but somewhere along the line, he forgot the meaning of “Do Not Disturb” even when there’s a sign on the door of our home office that says, “Writer at Work—Do Not Enter Unless You’re Tall, Dark, and Handsome”. What part of this statement does he not understand? One day while in my writing “bubble”, he opened the French doors (both tightly closed with said warning attached) tiptoed across the den and stuffed a handful of documents in the shredder.

I was done playing nice.

Old page with ribbons and bow on the abstract background

I’m not opposed to throwing tantrums when it comes to my writing time, and I pitched a doozy. Poor guy gaped at me like I’d lost my mind, which probably wasn’t far from the truth. Besides, it worked. He asked me to think about what we could do about it (bless his heart) and he’d try to do it. However, he did say he was against going back to work (darn) or moving out, although the thought had crossed my mind.

After forty-two years together, a little “space” was a viable option. Then it hit me. Space. Not a man-cave, but a she-shed. I had seen them on the internet: backyard sheds turned into a special place for a variety of activities—from a gardener’s potting haven, a knitters cozy yarn shop, a crafter’s hobby room, to a quiet miniature library to read.

Why not a writing space?

When I approached him with the idea, he nodded enthusiastically and said he liked the idea, and mumbled something about it adding home value and being cheaper than a divorce.

The Tuff-Shed was delivered, erected, and ready to finish the inside. My DH enlisted the help of our neighbor and by my birthday in late October, I had my own writing cave, complete with Wi-Fi, heating & cooling, bookshelves that cover one wall, a coffee, tea & wine bar, a comfy chair, and desk. I chose to decorate my space in a beach theme and nicknamed it “No Boyz Allowed”, and gave strict instructions as to what that meant.

Unless blood is gushing from a main artery or the house is being consumed by fire, do not disturb means–No visits. No texts. No email. Zero interruptions. Period. He’s a boy. He’s not allowed in.

I love my quiet little beach getaway, especially when it’s raining or snowing. There’s nothing better than the patter of rain on the roof, or the stillness of falling snow. And I truly do love my husband despite the devious thought I’d wished he’d signed just one more teaching contract.

He’s very proud of his accomplishment. I am too. He’s a teacher, not a carpenter, and for him to go the lengths he did to provide me a special space speaks louder than words ever could. My writing space “puzzle” may be a bit frayed around the edges, but it’s not missing any pieces. It’s a soothing, comfortable, quiet retreat, and my DH hasn’t found my stash of wine. Or chocolate. Double WIN! And to top it off, we celebrated our forty-third anniversary in December, our marriage intact. Mission accomplished.

All is well at the “No Boyz Allowed” beach cottage/writing cave. Now, if it had a bathroom—well, that’s fodder for another day.

Award winning author, Susan Haught, lives in Arizona’s Rim Country with her husband and spoiled Shih Tzu, Mercedes, who believes her princess status earns her the right to sleep on pillows, ride shotgun, and train her peers in the fine art of squeaky toys.

With Mercedes and a stash of Australian black liquorice by her side, Susan writes contemporary Women’s Fiction & Romance with the belief that Love is Ageless and has the power to change lives—one step, one touch, one kiss at a time. You can read her award-winning short story on her blog at

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  1. God this sounds absolutely dreamy. After 8.5 years I finally designated a corner of the bedroom to be a writing area, but I haven’t managed anything about the interruptions (4-room apartment, so not a lot of choice around space). I’m going to keep your cozy beach writing shack in mind today as I write. Just the thought gives me the best feeling.

  2. Laini Giles says:

    I want a she shed.

    But much harder here in the Great White North. Winter is a serious obstacle to costs and having to traipse back and forth to house in -30 temps and foot-high snowdrifts.

    I’ll have to stick with my favorite Italian coffee joint. They know me there. Plus the lattes are quite nice. And the pastries. And the gelato. And the paninis…and…uh oh. I think I have a problem :/

    • Susan says:

      Okay, Laini, now I’m starving! And I understand your dilemma with the sub-zero temps and knee-high snow. Ugh. That doesn’t sound inviting, but your favorite coffee shop certainly does!

      Happy writing, and CHEERS! to your next latte!
      Stay safe and warm,


  3. I’ll start planning for my she-shed! I have 4 years until my hubby retires, but time flies so I better get busy. Great idea – thanks!

    • Susan says:

      Hi, Karen–
      Oh, I’m so excited and can’t wait to see pictures of yours someday. Yes, time does fly by, and it won’t be long until you’re sharing space with the hubby. It’s a wonderful time, but can be a bit of an adjustment. I actually think it’s more difficult than the “empty nest” thing.

      Happy planning ~ CHEERS!

  4. J. M. Levinton says:

    Loved this!

  5. Brindy says:

    This is so my dream, a she-shed. I even have an A1 poster of my debut novel ready to put up on the wall. Until then I write when others slumber at night and make a silent prayer of thanks that I do not need as much sleep as others. Enjoy your private space.

    • Susan Haught says:

      Hi, Brindy–
      Thank you, and yes I do enjoy it very much. Even when I’m involved in the dreaded marketing thing, it’s so nice to be interruption free. Well, sorta interruption free. Hubby is learning slowly that if I’m out there, it doesn’t look favorably on him to interrupt unless he’s bleeding profusely from a main artery.

      Good for you for hanging in there during quiet times, and hang onto that poster! You’ll be hanging it in your own she-shed I have no doubt.

      Warmest wishes for much success,

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