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We work for our sponsors. We’re not content to have your book cover or business logo on our website passively, we send out tweets about you across our constantly growing network on Twitter. We have a very supportive, very active community that helps spread the word. We’ve found over the past two years that it is the regular tweets with different messages that build familiarity and stimulate action. We work hard and smart for you.

the lodger - louisa treger

The lodger – Louisa Treger


Typhoon – Qaisra Shahraz

La Belle Creole

La Belle Creole – Alina Garcia Lapuerta


What is found, what is lost – Anne Leigh Parrish

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Sponsors of Women Writers, Women Books get HIGH VISIBILITY through our daily site traffic from around the world, and from DAILY TWEETS to our active and growing Twitter channel. As of September 2014, we have over 28,000 followers on Twitter, and growing.

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You’ll be garnering the GOODWILL we’ve worked hard to establish with supporting women writers and authors on Twitter  around the world and through our www.booksbywomen.org site.

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You will feel PRIDE that you are giving back to a tiny group of volunteers who are keeping this site alive – encouraging and helping women writers.

We’re Selective

We are selective about who sponsors us. We are lending our name to your name. We need to have a common ground.

We’re sure you’re selective too about who you would like to sponsor, as you’re lending your name to us.

We would be honored to consider you as a sponsor for Women Writers, Women Books.

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Find out all that we do for you. We earn your investment of US $2,500 for two months of significant marketing.

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One month supporting sponsorships start at US $600 for top placement.

Past Sponsors

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Heidi Siefkas

When All Balls Drop -Heidi Siefkas

a paris apartment

A Paris Appartment – Michelle Gable

Dappled Light

Dappled Light – Jessica Markwell

Burnt Norton

Burnt Norton – Caroline Sandon

I Am Subject by Diane DeBella x300

I Am Subject – Diane DeBella

Revolt by Qaisra Sharaz

Revolt by Qaisra Sharaz