Sponsorship FAQs

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

(Updated January 1st , 2014)

What kind of value have your sponsors received?

They enjoy:

  • Positive goodwill for their association with an online magazine that is known for supporting women writers and growing an international audience.
  • Increases in the number of Twitter followers and the number of visitors to their website.
  • A custom daily tweet program of 1 – 3 tweets depending on their sponsorship level meant to highlight their value to women writers and readers.
  • Learn about creating varied tweets by seeing the ones we write on their behalf.
  • Acquire 12 – 30 original tweets that they can reuse.
  • Connections with other women writers that we introduce to them.
  • Expanded visibility that reaches around the world.
  • Positive goodwill with the editors of Women Writers, Women Books that will last beyond the sponsorship, leading to recommendations and referrals.

What kind of traffic do you get on your site?

We get an average of 6,100, 180, 240, 300 plus visitors a day landing on the site, and we supplement visibility with daily tweets that go out to 6,800,8400, 11,300, 16,700, 25,200 mostly women writers, not just in the US, but the UK, Australia, India and more. (Updated Nov. 16, 2013)

What do you do to promote traffic on your site?

We have a full 24/7 content program through Twitter at www.twitter.com/womenwriters, publicizing the sponsors, the authors, the books and the subjects of our writers. We engage with our Twitter followers and are always on a look out for topics and writers that will interest readers and reach new audiences.

Are the Sponsorship Rates negotiable?

We have been working on the sponsorship rates to find the right match for our community. Currently the work involved to sustain this online magazine is not sustainable without $2000 a month of sponsored revenue. We are at risk of being unable to continue the magazine without sponsorship, or else to go to a membership model, or a pay for publication model, neither of which are ideal. You can ask, but we may not be free to agree.

Why should we sponsor Women Writers, Women Books?

  1. If you are fortunate enough to have discretionary income, you are in a position of being able to enable us to keep providing this channel for you and other writers.
  2. We provide a valuable service to new writers who have yet to get their writer’s confidence, and also to established authors who want to extend their reach. We present an attractive layout, polish the pieces and make their presentation as appealing as we can.
  3. Women Writers, Women Books is another voice in this world for equality, respect, renunciation of violence against women, and support for raising the prominence of women writers. We are one of many, yet we have an important role to play.
  4. Because without your sponsorship, we will have to go to a paid membership, or pay for publication model.

Who are ideal sponsors?

Women writers. Women authors. Women’s groups, organizations, associations. Women led companies. Products that are sustainable, environmentally sound and of potential interest to our global audience of women writers and readers. If you support and honor women, then please consider writing us about becoming a sponsor.