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Women Writers, Women Books began on May 1, 2011 and it’s been a delightful and exciting experience with great support, encouragement, participation and new friendships.

As October 1 is upon us, we begin our sixth month. Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your participation on Women Writers, Women Books.

  • You’ve liked us on Twitter.
  • You’ve given us tremendous press through #MM #WW #FF.
  • All kinds of other mentions.
  • You’ve retweeted our posts and comments.
  • You’ve suggested posts and written them.
  • You’ve commented.
  • You’ve read.
  • You’ve linked back to us.

All of it builds value and strength. So here’s thanking you!

Our Writers. Each of you has taken the time to get familiar with our writers guidelines, to register for a gravatar that shows a picture of you next to your comments, to register on this site, and to prepare photos and up to a 1000 word blog post. You’ve worked with suggestions and when published, you sent out notice of your post to your friends and followers on Twitter. That’s the most effort of all, and it’s greatly appreciated! The surprise of each of your posts is like getting letters from pen pals from afar. Original. Fresh. Meaningful. Valuable.

You Who Comment. For all of you who have participated through comments, thank you so much for taking the time to read one or more of these writers’ posts and for sharing your experience and responses. It so encourages the writers of the posts, and it’s terrific that it is also a valuable step for you to do because you get to leave a link back to your own website or blog.  You also build relationships with other writers and get to be a part of this virtual community.

Our Readers and Visitors. To all of the readers and visitors who have stopped by, not long enough to comment, or not quite sure of what to say, your visits add to the numbers of hits on the site and are encouraging for us to see. We’re averaging 40 visitors a day in this time when we are publishing a little less than previously due to a too busy September schedule.

Our friends on Twitter. As of today we’re approaching 2200 Twitter followers, and 93% of them women! And probably 85% at least writers. All of this has been made possible because you created your own Twitter account and were out communicating with writers and readers on Twitter. Without that, we would not have been able to find you to invite you to write for us.

Our friends on Facebook. A few of us have shared our FB Pages and blog posts on Women.Writers.Women.Books on Facebook. It’s an added connection for those who wish it.

Your Linkbacks to Women Writers, Women Books. Lastly, to those of you who have linked back to our site, we very much appreciate that. Thank you. 

Below we’ve listed the sites we’re aware of linking back to us. Thank you very much!

Anora McGaha 

Editor, Women Writers, Women Books

Thank you to each of these sites linking back to Women Writers, Women Books at;;;;;


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