Worst Writing Advice…

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We asked on twitter…What is the Worst Writing Advice you’ve ever been given? The answers came in thick and fast!



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  1. @LatelaMary says:

    You hand a copy of your published book to a friend (someone you would give gold to) and she says, “No, this sounds too sad for me,” and hands it back to you.

  2. Mary Latela says:

    Or, this is so 20th century but, “You can’t possibly write and keep my shirts ironed and starched!!!!!” I’ve heard this! @LatelaMary

  3. Kate Jones says:

    Some classics in there. People haven’t tended to try and give me advice, but I’ve had a few people express confusion about why writing is important to me when I ‘already have a career’. They don’t get that it’s a passion, not just a career endeavour.

  4. Maureen Foss says:

    You have to make a plan. Know your beginning, your middle and your end.

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