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(Updated January 8, 2014.) We are an online literary magazine by and about contemporary women writers from around the world. Women Writers, Women’s Books at www.booksbywomen.org was launched in 2011 to be another platform for contemporary women writers and authors around the world writing in English.

Our mission is to encourage and promote the visibility of women writers. We are particularly interested in the edges, the intersections between genres, nationalities, languages, arts, cultures… We are interested in giving opportunities to unknown writers to be published, as well as publishing posts by well known authors. Though the website name is booksbywomen.org, contributors do not have to have published a book, or even be writing a book to be considered. The only criteria is that she be a woman who writes, and that her post be written for our audience specifically, that it be well-written and interesting to read.

Barbara Bos, Managing Editor 

Barbara Bos Managing Editor

Barbara Bos, Managing Editor

Barbara Bos is the managing editor and owner of Women Writers, Women’s Books. Barbara was born in Holland. After finishing University she left for the UK and worked in sales. Since then she has uprooted herself twice more, currently living in a small village in Galicia. She loves nature, words, languages, and immersing herself in different cultures. She writes about her experiences in Galicia here: www.chicaderock.wordpress.com.  Follow her @chicaderock on Twitter.



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Women Writers, Women’s Books publishes new essays with an organic schedule based on readiness of articles and editing resources.


We do not currently have an internship program, but you can read about the young women who helped us as interns at the link above.


Writers grant Women Writers, Women Books exclusive and first digital print rights for ONE MONTH after publication, and thereafter, non-exclusive digital rights. We encourage you to post a copy of your essay on your blog with a link back to our post: “This post was first published by Women Writers, Women Books at http://www.booksbywomen.org—-.”


Links to new essays are posted on @WomenWriters on Twitter, with a following of over 28000, primarily women writers. Links are also posted on Women Writers, Women Books on Facebook where more than 2600, mostly women writers, have shown interest.

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Our writers are from all over the world. English may or may not be their native language, or even their 2nd or 3rd language. So we are not aiming to uphold any standard of English or style. While English may have a standard by country, it doesn’t have a global standard. WWWB is interested in communicating the message each writer has, and in doing so, asks your tolerance.
For more information, or answers to questions, contact editor@booksbywomen.org.