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(Updated October 4, 2014.) We are an online literary magazine by and about contemporary women writers from around the world. Women Writers, Women, Books at www.booksbywomen.org was launched in 2011 to be another platform for contemporary women writers and authors around the world writing in English.

Our mission is to encourage and promote the visibility of women writers. We are particularly interested in the edges, the intersections between genres, nationalities, languages, arts, cultures… We are interested in giving opportunities to unknown writers to be published, as well as publishing posts by well known authors. Though the website name is booksbywomen.org, contributors do not have to have published a book, or even be writing a book to be considered. The only criteria is that she be a woman who writes, and that her post be written for our audience specifically, that it be well-written and interesting to read.


Barbara Bos, Partner & Managing Editor 

Barbara Bos Managing Editor

Barbara Bos, our managing editor

Barbara Bos began volunteering in April 2013 and  started outreach and communications on Twitter, our primary networking site.

In 2014, on her one year anniversary, she became a full partner of Women Writers, Women Books because of her extraordinary contribution to the magazine, its readers and its writers. Barbara was born in Holland. After finishing University she left for the UK and worked in sales. Since then she has uprooted herself twice more, currently living in a small village in Galicia. She loves nature, words, languages, and immersing herself in different cultures. She writes about her experiences in Galicia here: www.chicaderock.wordpress.com.  Follow her @chicaderock on Twitter.

Anora McGaha, Founding Editor 

Three Goats in Hand

Anora McGaha at a small farm in the piedmont area of North Carolina, USA.

Anora McGaha, is a writer and poet, and has forayed into micro-publishing with Media Ready, Media Savvy by Alison Hill to name one book. Co-author of Social Media for Business, Anora has been working as a Social Media Manager since the fall of 2009, and been researching and creating content on the Internet since April 2008. She started Women Writers, Women Books in the spring of 2011, recognizing that without a platform to extend visibility, most writers will not be known outside their circle of family and friends. One of the most common ways writers without a natural platform of expertise, music, radio or TV, build their community is by establishing a community. While selling books one by one remains untenable for a livelihood, the relationships that one builds can be wonderful. Anora is @anorawrites on Twitter for her writing and artistic life, and @AnoraMcGaha for her business in Internet Marketing and Social Media Management & Training.


It is always hard to say goodbye to kind, creative, efficient and productive co-workers. Hard to lose their expertise and familiarity.

Tynisha Ferguson 

Tynisha Ferguson Graduate-Winthrop

Tynisha Ferguson, Editor and Graphics Designer, When Women Waken

Tynisha Ferguson had graduated from Winthrop University when she sought out an internship with Women Writers, Women Books. She had actually begun graduate school in journalism. As her predecessors she came highly motivated and with excellent skills as her predecessors had. With her interest in publishing, we got to work right away on the journal. Tynisha is both a text editor and a graphics editor on the Power Issue of When Women Waken published online February 28, 2014. After reviewing and voting on the submissions with the editorial team, Tynisha designed a brilliant cover and did all the layout on the online, and print version of the issue. Tynisha worked the spring of 2014, and then had to complete her final project for her graduate school program!

Chelsea Holland

Chelsea L Holland

Chelsea Holland

In late August 2013, Chelsea began a short internship with us. She was  a senior at Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina getting her BA in International Studies with a minor in Economics.  She spent a semester in Cape Town South Africa and loved it. Expecting to have more time during her senior year, we started a fall internship – part time, virtual, as the others have been. But school took more time than planned, and with school needing to be the priority, so we thanked her for her interest and wished her all the best in her future abroad. Following her internship we saw a significant increase in queries from South Africa and are pleased to announce several contributors are now published in our When Women Waken journal!

Rachel Lewis

A photograph of Rachel Lewis, Editorial Intern

Rachel Lewis, Editorial Intern

Rachel Lewis began in January 2013 and worked through the summer 2013. She is an Elon University (North Carolina, USA) student pursuing an English degree with a double concentration in Professional Writing and Rhetoric and Creative Writing. She has a love of fiction, photography, and sunflowers, and is an aspiring writer with an interest in nonprofit work. Read more about Rachel here, and follow her on Twitter: @RachelCharleneL. We greatly benefited from Rachel Lewis’ internship because she had a keen eye and ear for writing and art. She stepped up as assistant managing editor for a new journal we launched on May 31, and continued in that role through the 2nd issue on August 31, 2013.

Victoria Shockley

Victoria Shockley, Our first editorial intern

We are very grateful for the tremendous contributions by Victoria Shockley while she served, first as an editorial and contributing intern, and then as Assistant Editor for the fall 2012 submissions season. Victoria worked over 10 hours a week for most months, editing dozens of pieces, and researching and writing pages about women writers from various regions of the world. She contributed ideas and suggestions, and through her networking increased the contributor base of the magazine. Highly productive, with excellent communication skills, Victoria is sure to have an exciting career. Victoria is a student at North Carolina State University studying English and Technical Writing. She is an avid networker, a highly productive and reliable co-worker, and a collaborator. You can follow her on Twitter @Victoria_Writes and visit her website at: http://victoriashockleywrites.wordpress.com/



S. Kelley Harrell, Author, SEO Consultant, Shaman

Nancy Stolfo Corti, Author, Marketing Maven and Rainmaker



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Our writers are from all over the world. English may or may not be their native language, or even their 2nd or 3rd language. So we are not aiming to uphold any standard of English or style. While English may have a standard by country, it doesn’t have a global standard. WWWB is interested in communicating the message each writer has, and in doing so, asks your tolerance.
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