Never Too Late, B. Lynn Goodwin

Louisianna Catch, Sweta Vikram

When It’s Over, Barbara Ridley

Sexuality and its Impact on History: The British Stripped Bare, Hunter S. Jones










Drawing Lessons, Patricia Sands

The Forgotten Ones, Steena Holmes

Toot And Nail, Sara Lunsford

Writing For Bliss, Diana Raab










In The Shadow Of 10,000 Hills, Jennifer Haupt

Hurricane Season, Lauren K. Denton

Beneath The Lion’s Wings, Marie Ohanesian Nardin

Girlish, Lara Lillibridge









A Matter Of Chance, Julie Maloney

Husbands And Other Sharp Objects, Marilyn Simon Rothstein

Somebody’s Daughter, Rochelle B. Weinstein

Between Earth and Sky, Amanda Skenandore










Are You Sleeping, Kathleen Barber

Book Of Calm, Nancy G. Shapiro

As Bright As Heaven, Susan Meissner

Unbroken, Madeleine Black









This Time Forever, Mary Cooney-Glazer

Pieces Of Me, Lizbeth Meredith

Rituals Of The Dead, Jennifer S. Alderson

The Other Mrs Smith, Bonnie Burstow









Reality Wedding, Laura Heffernan

But My Brain Had Other Ideas, Deb Brandon

Woman Last Seen In Her Thirties, Camille Pagan

Miracle At Midlife, Roni Beth Tower









Murder On The Rocks, Shawn Reilly Simmons

Jacqueline Sheehan, The Tiger In The House

This Bright Beauty, Emily Cavanagh

The Echo Of Twilight, Judith Kinghorn









The Phantom’s Apprentice, Heather Webb

A Dangerous Woman From Nowhere, Kris Radish

Shakti Rising. Kavitha Chinnaiyan


You’ll be thinking of me, Densie Webb










What The Valley Knows, Heather Christie

Things Unsaid, Diana Y Paul

The Night Child, Anna Quinn

I’m The One Who Got Away, Andrea Jarrell










Escape Velocity, Susan Wolfe

The Rules Of Half, Jenna Patrick

London, Can You Wait? Jacquelyn Middleton

Everything Beautiful Is Not Ruined, Daniella Younge Ullman










Lady Beth, Caroline E. Farrell

The Muse Of Fire, Carol M. Cram

The Truth We Bury, Barbara Taylor Sissel

The Widow’s Watcher, Eliza Maxwell










Wish Me Home, Kay Bratt

Abbey’s Journey, Steena Holmes

The Welcome Home Dinner, Peggy Lampman

The Promise Between Us, Barbara Claypole White










Stone Circle, Kate Murdoch

The Unremembered Girl, Eliza Maxwell

A Crazy Kind Of Love, Mary Ann Marlowe

Missing Persons, Gayle Greene









Journaling Power, Mari L McCarthy

Twisted Threads., Kaylin McFadden

My Last Love Stroy, Falguni Kothari

Write Naked, Jennifer Probst









The Waking Land, Callie Bates

The Memory of Fire, Callie Bates

Bridal Girl, Meredith Schorr

Echo Moon, Laura Spinella









To Play Again, Carol Rosenberger

The Story Collector, Evie Gaughan

The Amendment, Anne Leigh Parrish

Here Casts No Shadow, Brownwen Griffiths









The Former Assassin, Nikki Stern

A Dress The Color Of The Sky, Jennifer Irwin

A Dress The Color Of The Sky, Jennifer Irwin

A Life Unexpected, Alison Ragsdale

Stone Girl, Eleni Hale










Resurgence, S. Usher Evans

Lost in The Reflecting Pool, Diane Pomerantz

Peculiar Savage Beauty, Jessica McCann

The Season Of Silver Linings, Christine Nolfi









Just Like February, Deborah Batterman

Who She Is, Diane Byington

Rethinking Possible,Rebecca Faye Smith Gall

What She Gave Away, Catharine Riggs









My Mother’s Philippine Recipes, Elizabeth Ann Besa-Quirino

Dreaming Sophia, Melissa P. Muldoon

Waking Isabella, Melissa P. Muldoon

Oslo Spies, SJ Slagle









Night Music, Deanna Lynn Sletten