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Marta Szabo is the co-director of Authentic Writing and author of two memoirs, The Guru Looked Good and The Imposters.

She set her sights on becoming a writer when still a teenager, finding in literature a view of reality that she recognized as her own. She has spent her life finding out that there is no one way to be a writer. After being an editor in mass-market paperbacks and magazines Marta set out on a serious pursuit of yoga and meditation, living in an ashram – a yogic monastery — for over ten years, including a year and a half in India.

Marta shook off the yoga lifestyle with an MFA in Creative Writing followed by a deep commitment to the Authentic Writing, offering workshops with Fred Poole, her husband, in Manhattan and across the Northeast United States. She and Fred created the Memoir Festival, held every other year at Omega Institute, celebrating what they consider the new frontier in literature by bringing together the most accomplished writers of the form.

She is an American author.

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Reviewing Memoirs: Do You Cross the Line?

Reviewing Memoirs: Do You Cross the Line?

“Stick to the writing!” In workshops as we respond to a memoir piece someone has just read, I remind myself and others that there’s a dangerous line we cross when we don’t stick to the writing. Hearing a personal story written candidly, spontaneously, with no attempts at camouflage, it’s easy to respond with empathy, “oh, you […]

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