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Born in Salzburg, Austria, ULRIKE knew from an early age that she yearned for more than the rustic farm life of her homeland.  Her natural instincts beckoned her to seek a life and place that would allow her the freedom to develop her unusual outlook on life.

As a music lover, ULRIKE worked in the Music Industry as a singer & tour manager in Germany, Switzerland and England, before coming to Los Angeles in 1982 for a vacation.  She fell in love with the diverse culture and arts that Los Angeles has to offer and decided to stay.  She finally had found her home.

ULRIKE began a career in Entertainment Events in 1992 at a major Hollywood Studio, a position that would span nearly 20 years in the world of motion pictures and television. During this period, she continued her intense studies, teaching and writing about her passion - her metaphysical findings.

In 2011, after nearly 30 years of metaphysical studying and 20 years as a teacher, she knew the time was right to begin her new venture, establishing “Modern Thought Theories”. She began to follow her passion and to reach out to students en masse who are also searching for more meaningful understanding in their lives.

With her series of "Modern Thought Theories", a practical and provable guide to living life with passion, truth and goodness, ULRIKE hopes to bring this helpful life outlook and

Universal Truth to a more general public.

Her mission statement affirms that everyone has an equal opportunity to understanding his natural heritage, and can achieve all their good intentions.  She sums it up in three simple yet powerful words, "…because you can."

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Journey of a Lifetime: Becoming a Writer

Journey of a Lifetime: Becoming a Writer

When did I decide to become a writer in this world of many? Am I a writer, or a teacher, or both? Looking back, it was meant to be. Born in a small town in Austria, I always felt displaced. From early childhood, I remember being the “different kid” that stood out. Not in a […]

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