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Anubha Yadav is a writer, academic, film-maker based in New Delhi, India. She teaches media studies at Delhi University. Her latest short fiction work has appeared in Out of Print. She has also published in the International Screenwriting Journal, Indian Literature Journal, Epic India, and other national newspapers of India. She has just finished her first collection of short stories and is scouting for publishers for these folksy tales of urban India. Anubha has a story coming out in the fifth anniversary issue of Asian Cha called 'Nooh'.

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Nurturing a Writers’ Group

Nurturing a Writers’ Group

Writers are fragile. When rejection slips pile up one yearns for reassurance. A decade back I would feel delighted if someone from my family or a close friend volunteered to read my work. But, often after reading they would feel obliged to make some positive remarks or critical comments. These casual reactions are just that: […]

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