Do you know how your novel will end when you start writing it?

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  1. Kyoko says:

    Oddly enough, yes, I do. I don’t always know the details, but I tend to know where my characters are going to be development-wise and I know if it’ll be a happy ending or a bittersweet ending just by my own gut feeling.

  2. Sheila Kumar says:

    Actually, no and that fact still startles me a bit. That cliche about the characters taking over? That’s pretty much what happens in my case, almost every time.

  3. Absolutely not a clue. It’ll end where it ends, and it’ll surprise me. Heck, I’m not even sure what the next scene will be…

  4. I usually have one or two scenes clear in my head when I start, but the beginning and the ending change many times!

  5. Yes, I have the last scene crystal clear. That’s certainly the case in the book I’m writing now, The Milliner’s Secret. The final scene is the pole star towards which I steer the ship. Without it, I would be going round and round in large circles forever. The end of the book is pretty much all I work out to start with, books being formed from loose-knit treatments which change as I write.

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