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Being an author to me is more than just getting published and hitting the bestseller list. For me, it is about reaching people through my stories, either fiction or non-fiction; knowing that somewhere, someone is touched by my words as they come to life and spark another’s imagination.

The struggle for many authors to make a decent living from their writing is all too real. Paperback prices are constantly becoming more competitive, and with so many eBooks frequently running free and promotional offers, it makes the royalty share per sale almost miniscule. Then there is getting your book noticed. By booksellers, major retailers, or even just on the Amazon charts; it’s a constant uphill battle that requires continual marketing and creative promotional tactics.

So I made a decision recently that I wasn’t going to worry about all that. Writing for me was more than just making a pretty penny. I wanted to find a way to make an impact through what I wrote, and so I decided to write a book, which would donate all profits to charity.

Almost two years ago, I published a book of short stories, Dark & Twisty. This was a collection of thriller stories I had written from my late teens, and throughout the last two decades. None of them had been published before, but they were crying out to be read by the wider public.  My father had also recently been diagnosed with cancer, and it seemed to all fit together; I would publish this anthology as a dedication to his fight against this cruel disease and donate the profits to a recognised cancer charity.

Sadly, my Dad passed away this year in May, but Dark & Twisty has just been awarded a Bronze Medal by Reader’s Favourite, and it has received strong praise by reviewers. What is important to me, is that this book will always be a tribute to my Father, and as it continues to sell copies, I will continue to support the important research and development that is needed to find a cure against Cancer.

Inspired to do more, I recently launched another charity project; this time inviting other writers to contribute their work, either poems or short stories. With so much going on in the world, and millions affected by the tragedies of war and terrorism, I decided that this time the charity should be an organisation to supports victims of war. The AMAR Foundation, who are celebrating their twenty-fifth anniversary seemed the perfect choice, and they were incredibly supportive of being a part of this project.

That is essentially how Limitless became a reality. With thirty-three passionate writers and poets and forty-one poems and short stories, this new release anthology theme is that with love, hope and tolerance, the possibilities are Limitless. My anticipation is to inspire readers with stories of love, hope and tolerance as well as making a difference to the AMAR Foundation with the profits from sales of the paperback and eBook.

Limitless is available now for pre-sale on Kindle, and the official release date for both eBook and paperback is the 31 October 2017.  All donations will be recorded via Just Giving at

I’m excited about this project, and hope to continue to find more ways to reach my audience through charitable projects. I may never be a bestseller, and I may never give up my day job, and that’s okay. For me, I know that what I am doing is helping something bigger than myself, through my writing; and that’s important.

Rachel McGrath grew up in Brisbane, Australia, where she studied business, before moving to the United Kingdom in her early thirties. Finding the Rainbow is her first published work, a memoir capturing a difficult time in her life. She is passionate about sharing her story with a wider audience.

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