How do stories come to you?

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We asked on Twitter, you answered!

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  1. krista says:

    My stories just pop in my head. any time any where. i have to clean or workout if i have a hard time with writing a book. that’s why i have to keep paper and pen with me at all times lol.

  2. Alison Easdown says:

    My ideas come from personal experiences then I reinvent them to the way I could imagine them to turn out.A little bit of added magic makes the story more interesting and perhaps a little unrealistic but I like fairytales.

  3. Story concepts come in a flash, maybe as a tagline idea. Then I plot. When I actually get into writing the story, I envision the scene. When the words begin, that’s when I can sit down and write. (Sometimes I can sit down and write before that, but it goes best if the words flow first.)

  4. Traci Krites says:

    Mine sometimes come from dreams. Scenes played out. Voices heard. The emotions felt.

  5. For me, it always starts with a name. The name creates a face and figure, and a character comes in to fill it. After that, the plot expands from the character’s unique desires and challenges.

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