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picture of desk, notebook and penWOMEN WRITERS WEDNESDAY BLOGS FAQ

What is Women Writers Wednesday Blogs? 

  • An initiative on twitter by us to connect women writers who blog.

What’s in it for me?

  • The chance to enhance your own network, increase your visibility and discover other women writers.

How does it work, can I join?

  • Of course you can join! Tweet your latest blog post on a Wednesday using the hashtag #WWWblogs.  Do a search on #WWWblogs and follow other women writers, most importantly: Retweet blogs you like.

But I haven’t got a blog.

  • Good opportunity to start one! Or you could always tweet a friend’s blog post using the #WWWblogs hashtag. They will surely appreciate the favor!

Does this mean I have to write the blog on a Wednesday? 

  • No, you just tweet it on a Wednesday.

Will you RT my blog?

  • We always do RT a few blogs every week, and have discovered some great new writing voices who have since guest blogged for us.

I still have a question…

  • That’s fine! Post a comment underneath.

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  1. Jo Smith says:

    I had a website set up for me but the young man was in CA and I couldn’t explain what I wanted as a blog setup. He finished the site but I am totally behind on the language, Technic, how to get in to post a blog in other words I know nothing on how to do this now. I had a blog years ago when google first started free blogs and was getting good traffic numbers for that time. I loved communicating with the readers most of the time just people going from blog to blog (you could at that time press a provided a button on the screen and it would take you to another blog). Any help/direction I can get would be wonderful.

  2. Thanks for providing this awesome opportunity! This the first I’ve heard of it. Though it has been a while since I tweeted regularly, I’m hoping to get back in the groove.

  3. Bec says:

    I review audiobooks on my blog, I’m not a writer myself, I would like to promote the women authors via #WWWBlogs, does this fit your criteria?

  4. Do I need to write women specific blog posts or my ramblings will do:) ?

  5. Nikki Bailey says:

    I have set up a blog & now a Twitter account – started following #wwwBlogs but no idea how to Tweet my blog – doesn’t seem to be anywhere to add my blog (sorry newby!)

  6. Nikki Bailey says:

    excuse my ignorance but I’m guessing I have to set up a Twitter account & create a blog address as I don’t have either (I have an old blog address but. Want to keep that separate)? I seem to remember that there a lot of options when setting up a blog account – any recommends?

  7. What a great opportunity! Thank you so much for giving us the chance to network with one another and promote our blogs.

    I followed these directions & I hope I did it right – I’m still new to Twitter. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if I goofed.

    I happened to mention my enjoyment of @WomenWriters’ Twitter feed in my latest blog post. 🙂
    Perfect timing!

    have a wonderful day,

  8. Thanks for the giving us the chance to re-tweet and share on Wednesdays with kindred souls!

  9. Great idea. See you tomorrow.

  10. Parricia says:

    Hi! I blog about books and I blog in Spanish. Can I join?

  11. Catdownunder says:

    It’s tempting – but I put a tweet link to my blog each day and some people might think it’s too much.

  12. thisisme says:

    I agree with Lyn. I have a blog (humour/travel/family/quotations/life etc), but it is not a writing blog. Can I join, or is it strictly for writers??

  13. Lyn Farrell says:

    Hi there. Does the blog have to be about writing? I have an allotment blog, done from the style of a writer! The blog is over now, I’ve given up the allotment for now (for the reason, see the blog!). I’m going to start a writing blog and a singing blog soon but wondered which of these I might be able to tweet about. I don’t want to tweet away only to find I’ve annoyed this wonderful network!!
    Many thanks

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