Why Do We Write Romance? By Sara Dobie Bauer and Em Shotwell

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Sara Dobie Bauer

Author of the Bite Somebody series and Enchanted trilogy contributor

Well, for the sex, obviously. Just kidding—sort of. All stories of every genre should be about people relating (or not relating) to other people. In romance, you get to make two fictional characters do the most amazing thing possible. No, not sex. You get to make two people fall in love.

Before I met my husband, I spent an awful lot of time wading through the dregs. Don’t get me wrong, I dated wonderful people, but they weren’t the right people for me. Then, I met Jake. The immediate spark, the easy laugh, the first kiss, the first time he met my family … the list of awesome was huge. I like giving that gift to my characters. It brings me joy, and it brings joy to my readers because, let’s face it, we’re all romantics deep down.

Me, I love horror films, Halloween, and stormy days. At the same time, I also love When Harry Met Sally, Christmas decorations, and sunshine on the ocean. I melt when Jake gives me cute morning kisses, and my stomach does funny flippy things when he looks hot. (In the industry, I suppose we call ‘em “butterflies.”) How amazing to not only have the ability to give fictional people butterflies but real people butterflies, too!

In this everyday world of ugliness and war, romance is something beautiful and happy. I want to make readers swoon, and I hope I do. If my writing makes the room a bit warmer … well, I can’t help it if my characters want to get laid.

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Em Shotwell

Author of Blackbird Summer and Enchanted trilogy contributor

I love love. It’s true. My favorite movies are ones where the last scene is often the camera zooming in as the hero embraces the main character in the best kind of kiss—you know the one. The kind of kiss that makes you see spots and forget your name. Who cares if the plot is a little predictable if it has a swoon-worthy leading man and a cool soundtrack, amirite? Bonus points if it takes place somewhere beautiful like the Irish countryside.


As a reader, however, I expect a little more from my books. I love a good romance novel, but there has to be substance. I need my heart to race and I am typically drawn to badass female main characters who get themselves into, and out of, sticky situations. Patricia Briggs’ Alpha and Omega series comes to mind (Anna+Charles=4ever).


As an author, I am pretty new to writing in the romance genre.  While I do have a sweet, HEA-love-story available in Forget Me Not, which takes place in my Blackbird Series, I usually find myself drafting darker stories. I create tales with weird twists and turns that often put a couple through hell before delivering them into the arms of their one true love. So if you read my books or novellas, hang on tight and be warned! I may take you places you didn’t know you wanted to go—but eventually everyone will get where they need to be (i.e.: that final heart melting kiss with their Happily Ever After).

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About Enchanted: Magic Spark, coming January 9 from Pen and Kink Publishing:

The first of a trio of trilogies by three amazing romance writers. These stories all have two things in common: magic and romance!

“These Roots Run Deep” by Em Shotwell:
Spitfire, New Orleans weather girl, Cheyanne Murphey has everything, and that is exactly how she likes it. When she discovers evidence of her fiancé’s philandering, she refuses to let her perfectly cultivated image fall to pieces. Cheyanne has worked too hard, dragging herself up from the trailer park into New Orleans’ society, to give in without a fight…even if that means trading a year of her life in exchange for a love incantation from her ancestor’s spell book. A skyclad, moonlit dance, a mysterious potion, and magic gone awry leave Cheyanne with a very peculiar life lesson: love can take on many forms, so be careful what you wish for.

“Destiny’s Dark Light: Part One” by Sara Dobie Bauer:
In modern day Charleston, lonely white witch Cyan Burroughs has waited her whole life to lead the battle against dark witches and eventually meet the man she is fated to love. A tragic trolley accident brings Liam Cody into her life. He is her destiny, but he’s also in love with someone else. Now, Cyan and her magic family must find the dark witch who caused the accident while Cyan fights her feelings for Liam—a charming Irishman with secrets of his own.

“When Demigods Court Death” by Wendy Sparrow:
As the demigod of fertility, Aster Slone has a thriving doctor’s practice. In fact, the incidence of triplets has made it too thriving. He needs more time with his neighbor the demigoddess of death to dampen his powers. Chandra Linton being gorgeous and sweet makes his task less of a hardship. Hitting the zenith of heretofore-unknown powers without enough exposure to her match is killing Chandra. Accepting all that her crazy, but hot neighbor says is her destiny…well, it muddles her convictions, but her real concern is: does Aster want Chandra because she’s the woman he desires or because she’s Death?

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